Granada offers first IB Expo


By Hope Su

On April 14, student volunteers displayed their work in a Creative Active Service (CAS) Exposition after school. All members of IB program were asked to choose a pressing issue that impacts their local community for their CAS project. The purpose of the project was for IB students to design a creative solution to a problem in hopes of discovering a permanent solution.

The exposition featured the projects to families, students, teachers, staff, and the local community. 60 students partook in the expo and each student gave a unique, individual and group presentations about a problem that they were passionate about solving in hopes of inspiring other students to volunteer.

“This year we had the first of many chances to display all of our efforts to the community. We understand that this can be an inspirational output for people that attend. Many students don’t know how they can make a change and by exploring these CAS projects they can be inspired to make a unique change in their communities,” senior Aditi Dwivedi said.

For example, many students in the IB program worked to advocate for the rights of women. Through their CAS projects, they helped women of low socioeconomic backgrounds. The IB students assisted abused and homeless women by helping them find shelter, clean water and other basic necessities.

“Some people opened dance classes, others helped build homes here in California or in Nicaragua, others tutored and helped abused women and children. Many students are working on projects revolving around women’s rights as well,” Dwivedi said.

One student, junior Betty Thai, learned from her CAS project that it is always important to ask for help when you need it as well as helping others.

“I met Shirley Lew and Sayeh Mirshojae when I asked for a collaboration. Because of that choice, I have accomplished more with them than I could have accomplished alone. That was the most important thing I learned about myself this year: that even though I consider myself to be a strong individual, I need to be open to help even if I do not like the idea of it,” Thai said.

The goal of the IB program is not just to inspire students to help the less fortunate, but also to help students grow as members of the local community.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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