VAPA awareness through Arts Week


By Jane Sin

The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) program held a week-long showcase of student artwork, dance demonstrations, choir shows, and orchestra performances from March 28 to April 1. To spread awareness of Arts Week, the VAPA teachers and students occupied Highlander Hall during Open House to feature students’ art work, answer questions about the program, and show videos of previous performances.

For many students and teachers, the Arts Week was a way to promote the VAPA program and display their own hard work and passion.

“The Arts Week is a great way to get the word out on campus. I’ve been in choir, show choir, and acapella for many years. It’s hard work and requires a lot of dedication but it’s so rewarding; the community that forms is amazing. A huge majority of my friends are in the VAPA program and the program became my identity. I don’t know what my high school experience would have been without it,” senior Christine Choi said.

Another benefit of the Arts Week is its absence of fees and its availability to all students.

“Because it’s totally cost-free, people that usually wouldn’t be able to come to VAPA performances now can enjoy the arts. Students that never knew they were interested in VAPA could be inspired,” Choi said.

With the wide variety of events, students that attend can find their passion in the arts while learning more about the VAPA program.

“Arts Week helps students better understand VAPA. Many students that have the ability to thrive in the program don’t join usually because they don’t know much about it or are not confident in their abilities. Everyone is an artist, you just need to find your voice,” Choral program director Sarah White said.

Senior Jason Kim only recently discovered his appreciation for the arts through the arts week.

“I was never into any of the visual and performing arts but by going to the art shows I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for my talented peers who had their art displayed, and for art in general. Within the exhibit, I identified with a particular drawing of an Asian baby because I saw myself in it and the painting spoke to me in many ways,” senior Jason Kim said.

Not only did the Arts week allow non-VAPA students to discover more about art, but it also benefited students already in the program.

“My zero period class had the opportunity to go to a dance performance and I thought it was very entertaining and professional. Since I was in concert band for many years, I already knew a lot about VAPA. However, through this experience I understood performing arts through more than just my realm, which was music, and instead through the expression of one’s body; I learned more about VAPA and my passion for art overall because of it,” senior Christian Elian said.

VAPA week was filled with new experiences for some, a chance to express artistic talents for others, and was a huge success and fun-filled week overall.

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Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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