Artist highlight: Andrew Lewis, actor

By John Lee

Ever since he joined his church choir in kindergarten, junior Andrew Lewis has had a knack for performing arts. From a play in eighth grade to the musical “Urinetown” last spring, Lewis’ performances taught him to fully appreciate the power of theatre and contributed to his growth as an artist. Over the past three years, Lewis has built considerable experience with theatre arts; however, he hopes to now expand his repertoire in order to secure his dream to pursue acting professionally.

For six intensive weeks this summer, Lewis will stay at the internationally-renowned Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. As part of the High School Musical Theatre Production Summer Program, Lewis will work alongside other talented students from around the world with a professional team of directors, choreographers, and musical directors.

“What I hope to get out of this experience is the understanding of how to be a true performer, rather than just regurgitating lines and ideas,” Lewis said.

Following those six weeks, Lewis will spend his senior year as a theater arts student while attending Interlochen’s Boarding High School, the nation’s first boarding fine arts high school. Lewis will find himself among a unique community of students from diverse backgrounds, all extremely dedicated to the arts while still maintaining a well-rounded academic life through a holistic study of math, science, history, and literature. By the end of the year, students in the school’s theater arts program will have put together seven production, a testament to the intensity and fast-paced nature of the program.

“I actually considered going to Interlochen in my freshman year of high school. Once I graduate, I plan on attending Carnegie Mellon University, where I can continue my education and acting career,” Lewis said.

With access to nationally recognized educators, actors, and artists, Lewis is heading down the path to professional acting. Although this would mean leaving our school behind, he is well aware of the unforgettable influences his experiences here have had on him.

“Being a part of Granada’s productions showed me the amazing purity and simplicity of performance. That’s not to say that I want to be so comfortable that I become lazy, but it’s just a great feeling to have that kind of authenticity,” Lewis said.

In these past three years, Lewis has been a part of some of our school’s most memorable productions. Thus, it is with great pride and confidence that we send him off to make his dream a reality.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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