Skateboarding is an artisty


By Karla Comayagua

Skateboarding is a sport which involves riding and performing different tricks on a board. Along with being a mode of transportation, skateboarding is also considered an art form because of the diversity of skateboards and tricks.

The sport consists of several intricate tricks, or moves, which constitute a sport rather than simply a hobby. Because different tricks and boards can be used in several combinations, the overall result is a creative skill.

There are three main types of skateboards: the longboard, shortboard, and penny board. The longboard is ideal for going down hill, transportation, and conquering big turns. It has a long dimension which measures from three to five feet in length. Depending on individual needs, longboards are offered in multiple forms such as pintails, drop-throughs, hybrids, and cruisers. The pintail board’s shape prevents the wheels from coming into contact with the board making it commonly used for cruising. The drop-through board has a low deck which allows for better control at high speeds. The hybrid board is typically the shortest type of longboard, but still provides stability while riding and turning at sharp angles. Lastly, the cruiser board is the most popular longboard mainly because it has a flexible bushing, a turning mechanism attached to the board, which makes it easier for the user to turn.

Another type of skateboard is a shortboard which is ideal for tricks because of its lightweight and compact size compared to the longboard. Lastly, the penny board is the smallest of skateboards which makes it perfect for cruising down the street.
The most popular tricks consist jumps or slides, such as the an ollie, indy grab, flip tricks, and slides and grinds.

An ollie is a type of jump that occurs when the skateboard’s front wheels leave the floor first. If the back wheels rise off the floor first, then the trick is known as an ollie.
Another popular trick is an indy grab, created by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk in the 1970s. To perform an indy grab, the board must leaves the ground and be held against the feet by applying pressure with the foot or hand. For a more intricate trick, rotations and different grabs can be combined.

Slides and grinds involve getting the skateboard high enough on a rail or ledge and sliding or grinding along the board. It consists of a main part of the board touching the the edge, but when the truck, is mainly touching the edge, then the trick is known as a grind. Slides and grinds can be performed on almost any edge such as a stairway, handrail, or even the sloping of swimming pools.

Since the majority of people perceive skateboarding as a hobby or sport, it is not usually recognized as an art form. This unique side of skateboarding should be noticed due to the passion and effort many skateboarders dedicate to executing flawless tricks.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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