Culture clubs unite under a single coalition


by Andrea Lopez

The majority of our school’s culture clubs, along with a few other clubs have decided to form a coalition with the goal of creating an atmosphere in which students can appreciate their own cultures as well as those of other students and better appreciate student diversity.
The clubs that have joined the alliance are Black Student Union, La Familia, Desi club, Chinese Club, Italian Club, the Middle Eastern Association, Genders and Sexualities Alliance, and 180 Christian Club.
The first order of business for the coalition is to host a general body meeting to acknowledge any issues that people of color may face, whether the source be from inside or outside the school. At this meeting, they will advocate unity and solidarity with one another.
“Too many times we are secluded to people of our own culture or with similar interests. This [activity] aims to expose students to cultural diversity,” member of the coalition and president of La Familia Brian Zamora said.
Another goal of the coalition was to create an ethnic studies awareness week. This will take place on the week of March 27th-31st. During this week, the clubs will focus on a different culture each day in order to expose the student body to the scholarly accomplishments and the social injustices various cultures have faced.
Many of the club presidents agreed that it is important for their clubs to act together as one in order to bring change. The large population of people of color, about 70 percent of the school, also demands a stronger student representation in Granada.
“I decided to join because I felt like it is important that the student body has representation that isn’t purely academic related. With all the negativity and hatred going around since the election, the coalition felt like a necessity. We need to accept and embrace our diversity as a school,” president of the Italian Club and senior Chantal Serrano said.
This coalition hopes to make students feel proud of their unique backgrounds and helps them to better understand themselves.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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