GHCHS Orchestra

By Andrea Lopez

Photo by Victoria Navarro || The Plaid Press

In the Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) orchestra classes, students from all instrumental backgrounds work in harmony to produce music on a large scale.

The first semester focuses on learning a set of songs that will ultimately be performed at the Highlander  Winter Concert. Meanwhile, the second semester revolves around learning new pieces to play at multiple events such as the GHCHS Art Week and the End of the Year Concert.

There are two different orchestra classes offered on campus: advanced orchestra and intermediate orchestra, both taught by Cameron Guerrero. For students with little to no experience, the intermediate class provides the fundamentals of the instrument they wish to play. There are also afterschool tutoring sessions that offer extra guidance if needed.

However, in order to join advanced orchestra, students must audition. The students are given a piece that they must learn during summer and then perform before school starts to see if he or she  qualifies to be in advanced orchestra. In some rare cases, students choose to take both classes at the same time in order to get as much practice as possible.

Another benefit of taking an orchestra class is that it gives students the opportunity to make new friends who also share a similar passion for music. Not only that, but students have a chance to perform at different events that they would not be able to participate in if they were not in the class.

Overall, this class helps students develop various skills, such as leadership skills, productivity, confidence, and patience. All of these attributes ultimately benefit students by getting them to perfect their ability to play whichever instrument they choose.

“My experience in advanced orchestra has been pleasant overall. The teachers have been sociable and approachable, and there are a wide variety of students whom I have interacted with, most who have been friendly and helpful and are willing to hold up a conversation,” senior Jeffrey Lee said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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