Benefits of community college

By Devin Malone

Most students will often dismiss the very idea of applying to a community college, with the belief that it is below them. However, avoiding this mentality could save students thousands of dollars and a lifetime of debt.

There are several benefits to attending a community college before universities people often ignore.

According to the website Money Crashers, the cost of community college is considerably less than that of its private school and university counterparts as most private universities cost around $36,000 per year, which totals around $144,000 for four years. Community colleges are far cheaper in comparison, costing $9,000 per year on average. After four years, the total is only around $36,000.

That is four times less than the cost of a private university, with all the benefits of one too. But if that still seems a bit too pricey, students are eligible for federal loans when attending college. This is also enhanced by the fact that community colleges are more flexible when it comes to balancing class scheduling and personal or work time.

Community colleges tend to offer more opportunities for working students and new parents looking to further their education by offering classes during the day, evening, and on the weekends.

Furthermore, if one is unsure of what to major in, he or she can easily attend multiple courses before transferring to a university. This is a major bonus due to the fact that it removes the extra layer of stress of choosing a major.

Once he or she have decided on a major and having finished the two years of community college to get a degree, students can then apply to university with little risk of bankrupting themselves.

Going to a community college will also boost a student’s grade point average if the student received low scores and grades in high school. This is because community colleges have an open door policy to all students, regardless of their previous academic performance. Ultimately this helps struggling students show that they are willing to further their education, and will be able to apply to the four year university of their choosing.

With benefits like these, and the limitless choices to which one can form and shape his or her own education, it is rather surprising how many people do not jump at the opportunity.

Community colleges are everywhere these days, making access to one affordable. In the end, it is an inexpensive and efficient alternative that comes with countless opportunities that are often overlooked by the constant pressure to attend a prestigious university.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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