Lana del Rey releases new single

by Andrea Lopez

On February 18, Lana del Rey released the long awaited for single, [Young and in] Love, followed by the official music video released the day after. The song made the number one spot on the Billboard and Twitter Top 140 right after being released. This is the first single released by Lana since her last album, “Honeymoon.

For over a year, Lana has been hinting at the release of this song. A day before she posted the song on Youtube, posters were found in Los Angeles promoting the new single, raising excitement among fans about  a possible new album.

In addition to the release being completely unexpected, the new style of her song surprised fans because it lacked the usual, dark feelings behind her songs. This song was happy and painless as  it captured what it is like to be young and in love.

The lyrics, “You get ready, you get all dressed up/To go nowhere in particular/Back to work or the/coffee shop/Doesn’t matter cause it’s enough,” expresses the satisfaction of spending time with someone you love even if you are not doing much at all.

The music video did the song justice by incorporating clips of different couples coming together and having what seems like the best time of their lives. It shows many scenes that depict our generation so well, such as the scene at Venice Beach with the girl skateboarding or the scene in which the couple is having a good time cruising around in a truck.  

In terms of production, the video was made particularly well because the editing allowed the scenes to  flow seamlessly even though they were disorderly. It went from couple to couple to scenes in space to videos of Lana singing the song. Another impressive feature of the song was that it went from black and white to colorful as the song progressed. It was basically a short film in the sense that it told a story and seemed to do a good job of touching the emotions of the audience.

Fans have not stopped raving about the song and it’s utter perfection since the release. Fans are hoping that their is an upcoming album to look forward to and that this single was just a small glimpse into the new direction of her music.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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