Why college rejections do not define you

by Marina Souliman

Seven semesters of grueling hard work, tears, stress, anxiety. And now it is the final semester for the class of 2017. The final countdown to graduation day has finally started when seniors can throw our caps against the sky illuminated by the fireworks. Before that fateful day, however, comes the wait for college acceptances, rejections and waitlists.

For the short period time high schoolers have been alive, college seems like it is one of the most life-changing experiences, and the wait for acceptance or rejection can come with anxiety and fear. Regardless of the results, college rejections are going to be a mere thing of the past, relatively unimportant in the end.

College rejections do not define you as an individual, and neither do acceptances. It is no question that college can be an important stepping stone in building yourself and your independence. On the other hand, it is not where you end up, but rather what you make of the experience. Students have heard this over and over again throughout the college application process, making it sound cliche and fake. However, it is something necessary to understand, in order to move forward from rejections.

The anticipation of waiting for an email that informs students of the status of their portal changed is like waiting to rip off the band-aid— except you have no control of when you can rip it off.

Whilst waiting, however, there are some things you can do to relieve that anxiety. In the time it takes you to worry about if you did enough for the college of your dreams, you can pick up a new hobby. Distraction and distance from the issue can be the key to finding a balance. These are the last few months of high school and it is important to enjoy all every second of it as it comes to an end.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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