VAPA program hosts annual art show

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 2.54.05 PM
STUDENT ARTISTS: Represented are artworks from multiple students of various mediums.

By Eunice Kim

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) held a schoolwide art show to showcase diverse student work from the Visual Arts and Performing Arts (VAPA) program from March 20 to 22. The art show was open from zero period through sixth period, and was also open to parents and students during Open House.

The art show exhibited more than 100 artworks of various mediums and styles, such as digital imaging, design craft, cartoon animation, drawing, painting, music, technology, ceramics and new media.

But the pieces were not limited to tangible pieces. Marching band, dance, choir, jazz band, filmmaking and theater were also there to perform their practiced presentations.

The pieces offered a wide range of styles that differed by subject. The criteria for the show was not strictly limited, giving viewers a broad spectrum of GHC art. For instance, some art styles included concentration works, surrealism, light and shadow. Additionally, some of the art was school related, while others were original concepts.

Drawing classes differed from the other classes showcased in the art show in that advanced drawing students had to create two works, while Advanced Placement (AP) drawing students had to create three works.

“It was stressful, but because my teacher said we were going to be in the art show, I was more motivated and wanted to show something that came straight out of my imagination. I think a favorite part was when people finished the work they wanted to show and hung it up in the gallery,” junior and Advanced Drawing student Dylan Francisco De Castro said.

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