Wave of collaborative artists on the rise: POTLUCK

11 members of young upcoming collaborative artistic group.

By Luis De La Torre

Potluck is a multimedia collective of collaborators whose skill sets range from recording artists and producers to directors, photographers, and event coordinators. Their mantra is “Everybody cooks, everybody eats,” which is fitting for the collection of diverse artists with different specialties.

Although all group members have different creative visions, each is a key part of the success of the group, which has sold out multiple shows. Some members participate by working with the music, others create artwork, and others work on marketing the collective.

Hundo (Ryan Williams) is both Potluck’s founder as well as a fantastic musician himself. His recent releases “GGM” and “Voicemails” showcase his versatile flows and lyrical depth as he describes how through struggle and hard work, triumph prevails.

“People like to say the youth are the future but the youth are now. This is the era of finding out what you are passionate about and what your purpose is,” Hundo said.

His brother, Reid Williams, designed the iconic Potluck wave logo seen on the their shirts. He assists with business, design, and is a key figure in the group. He is also currently working with Kehlani Parrish and Alaxic Smith on releasing a green living app
meant to promote healthy lifestyle choices and sustainability.

When Potluck is in the studio making music, JustBeatz (Justin Garner) is both the producer and DJ who brings the collective’s tracks to life. His 808s and drums are pristinely placed with his combination of instrumentals to create a masterpiece.

“We catch that vibe and I mix something new with today’s sound blended in there to spice it up,” JustBeatz said. Putting down sounds and keys alongside him is keyboardist and musical director Erik de Guzman, who also helps produce and organize the songs.

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) senior Brandon Kwon contributes through production and sound engineering. The vocals transition at just the right time, and the bass kicks with ease due to Kwon’s precise technique.

GHC senior Noah Bentley has over 11 thousand plays on his hit song “Groove.” Bentley is a vocalist who also contributes with sound engineering and production. Bentley’s music has a dynamic vocal range and a smooth funk flow. “I want quality content and to see people move to my music,” Bentley said.

Mark Espada is a fashion designer, graphic artist, and owner of the clothing brand Krpt Co. He works with Potluck on new designs and clothing that is representative of their youthful and innovative movement.

Recently, Daniel Streaty released the video for “GGM”, which was in 4:3 black and white film ratio and is reminiscent of old hip hop music videos. Alongside him is Daniel Rodriguez, who is always seen with a camera in hand capturing important moments.

Once Potluck has content to be shared or has a event coming up, the social media and marketing duo, Cameron Fooks and GHC senior Cristina Gosen, will promote it online. The recent Potluck “Free Lunch” shows have been successful because they offer a community feeling. Fooks and Gosen help get the group’s ideas and messages across to the public in order to maintain a strong connection with all their supporters.

Kevin Bacani is in charge of coordination and planning for the group. Bacani, Gosen, and Kwon are able to bring the art to the people by planning great events. They have been able to sell out a 200 person venue, twice, even in the pouring rain. The events are like huge parties where everyone openly socializes. Potluck members are amongst those having a good time playing video games, eating pizza, and dancing.

Potluck has already started off with a bang and they are coming in hot with new projects, songs, and events planned soon. Their music is available on all music streaming services to be enjoyed fresh off the flame while they stay cooking. Be sure to catch Noah Bentley’s new single “Fantasy.”

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