Reflections contest celebrates 50th anniversary

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By Milan Nguyen

The Parent-Teacher Student Association (PTSA) Reflections contest is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the theme Heroes Around Us.

Students can enter into six categories: literature, photography, film production, music composition, dance choreography, and visual art. They first compete at the school level before moving onto the district, state and then national levels. Students who win at the school level get to go to a pizza party and receive gift card prizes. State winners receive a savings bond and an all-expense trip to a convention, where they will see their artwork displayed. National winners receive scholarships that can range from $200 to $800.

The PTSA started the competition in 1969 in the hopes of making sure that art is part of students’ education and giving students the opportunity to express themselves. Granada Hills Charter High School (GHC) has taken part of the PTSA Reflections Contest for the last 15 years.

“The Reflections contest brings awareness of the importance of art in education. It allows students to unleash creative talents and be inspired through expressing themselves imaginatively in their artwork. They are able to experience the fun and joy of making art, tapping into critical thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme. Students also receive positive recognition for their original works of arts,” Fernando Alonzo, President of the GHC PTSA, said.

Teachers are also excited for the Reflections Contest because of the chance it gives to students.

“It is a good opportunity for students to express themselves by creating artwork. They can be creative in addressing the theme assigned by the contest. It also gives them an opportunity to share their talents with others,” drawing and Advanced Placement studio art teacher Harvey Cusworth said.

The deadline is November 1 for applicants. School and district winners will be announced in December. National winners will be announced May 1, 2019. There will be a National PTA Convention to celebrated the honorees on June 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. The convention will be held for 3 days.


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