Making the most of winter break

Much like summer break, students view winter break as a time to relax and forget about school for a few weeks. While it is a good time to de-stress and nap, that doesn’t mean there is no room for work and planning ahead. Well-rounded students will try to balance both aspects of winter break and plan their time off wisely so they can be well prepared for the semester to come.

Although reviewing concepts from the fall semester might seem like too big a goal for a time when we have no class, reading provides a much more fun way to get your mind ready for the second half of the school year.

Studies show that people who read are usually more knowledgeable and have a better vocabulary. Reading also keeps your brain active even when you are relaxing. Students don’t necessarily have to read school material either.

Cracking open a good book may not place someone significantly ahead of the game in his or her English class, but it will build good skills that will help in the future.

Another productive way to spend winter break could be looking for summer internships. Many companies begin posting their spring and summer internship openings in winter. Applying earlier will not only be one step towards getting that internship, but it will also save students the stress of searching and applying the few months before summer break when they are drowning in homework and hyper-focused on school. Having summer planned out before it even starts is a great advantage.

Finally, students who don’t travel or get out of the house much during winter break might want to consider working part-time. Working doesn’t sound fun when someone would rather take their time off to relax, but the benefits are great. It is not uncommon for retail stores to hire extra help for the holiday season. Aside from the extra spending money, people pick up many life skills through part-time work. It is also a good way to sharpen up college resumes. And it’s only part-time, leaving ample opportunities for Netflix and hot chocolate before or after work.

It is important for students to keep and build good habits over winter break. There are plenty of other ways people stay sharp for the following semester whilst enjoying time with friends and family and reacquainting themselves with their bed.

Simple activities like the ones above ensure an easy start to the new year, and help remove the stress that comes with getting back into the school routine.

So, finish up the fall semester strong and settle into a well-deserved and productive winter break.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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