Disciplinary actions often take away from education


By Nasheetah Hossain

Sophomore Samantha Garcia was on her bathroom break during her Art History Advanced Placement (AP) exam. While stepping out from the bathroom and tying her hair up, her midriff was exposed for a few seconds, and by the time she put her arms down, it was too late. She was summoned to the Dean’s Office, costing her valuable working time on her exam.

“Despite mentioning that I had to leave because they were closing the doors and that I was willing to have them call me back right after I was finished, the security still insisted that I stay in the office until they were done writing me a detention note and finding me a loaner shirt,” Garcia said.

This is the story of merely one of the numerous students who miss out on his or her valuable school time to be summoned for various disciplinary issues. Our school is widely recognized for its rigorous expectations of its students. However, taking students out of their classes to speak to them about their disciplinary issues is counter intuitive and only adds to the academic struggles for these students.

Dress code violations aren’t the only reason students are unnecessarily pulled out of class. More of these summonses include trips to the Attendance Office, Counselor’s Office, Health Office, Student Store, and so on.

When students are pulled out of class to discuss their attendance or missing absence notes, which is ironic, the school is sending mixed signals. If attendance is important, shouldn’t the student be in class? If one has to speak to a student about their struggles with attendance, pulling them out of class will only make them lose more education time.

The same thing goes for summons to the Counselor’s office regarding grades, which can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes. Making students lose class time to discuss their grades will not make them perform or understand any better.

“I was once summoned out of class twice so I could return my loaned Chromebook since they were working on fixing mine. I could’ve just done that on my own time rather than wasting class time,” sophomore Verena Mansour said.

Students who are pulled out of their classes for violating dress code policies, Chromebook charging policies, or attendance issues miss out on already limited and precious class time by being called out of class. A school system that pulls students out of their classes to hand them a mere detention note is one that is essentially saying that they care more about enforcing their policies than educating their students.

Instances like these are examples of poor judgment. It makes more sense to summon a student after the exam is over, or to just hand the detention note and shirt to the teacher. Students who choose to not attend detention can simply be assigned additional hours to serve. Students can also be given a summons to report at nutrition or lunch when they will not be missing class. If a student does not show up, there could be additional punishments.

New policies on summoning a student such as during lunch or after school will not only strengthen overall student performance, but will also foster a stronger education system that values quality of learning over its disciplinary records.

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