RevSteps ramps up performances

By Bailey Julian

With activities such as the science team, several acapella groups, speech and debate, and DECA available on campus, students at Granada Hills Charter High School (GHC) have a wide variety of opportunities to showcase their talents. Artistic expression is one of these many opportunities and we see it being showcased in the dance crew Revolutionary Steps.

“Revolutionary Steps was created in 2015 by alumni Danielle Jacla and Merton Ung to spread their love of the dance community to others. Revolutionary Steps originally started out just doing small performances in their community, but has since then exploded into performing on television. They have performed in events such as PAC Modern SPF Showcase, Serenata Filipina 2.0 at the Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles, and small community performances like the Gr818er’s ‘A Family Affair,’” senior Leoriz Rivera said.

Revolutionary Steps, known as RevSteps, stemmed from the Urban Arts Club that meets on Tuesdays in B14 from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

The group has grown from 13 performers, when Jacla and Ung started it, to 19 this year.

“It’s a different environment. I don’t think of it as a dance crew, more like a family. I get more confident dancing around my friends because everyone is supporting me,” senior Jasmine Venzor said.

The group is run by students. Performers in the group such as juniors Louisa Tampi, Aylana Sullivan, Melissa Hernandez and seniors Juliet Schlesinger, Sofia Villar, Leoriz Rivera, and Jasmine Venzor take the time to choreograph to their music.

At the end of every practice they all participate in a cypher, which is when dancers stand in a circle with a speaker blasting music as they dance battle.

“I feel very safe in the environment, being surrounded by the people who have the same passion as I do. I feel lost when I’m not with them or haven’t seen them in  a while. I look forward to every practice because those people make me laugh, smile and overall make my day,” senior Chloe Petersen said.

Last year at the annual Granada’s Best Dance Crew (GBDC) competition, RevSteps took first place in the crew division against several others.

They plan to compete for the GBDC title again this year and are practicing nearly everyday after school in preparation. The dance group has been working hard the past few months and are optimistic about winning GBDC again this year.


RevSteps from 2018

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