Sofia Abrego tops the high school charts in track and cross country

Freshman Sofia Abrego started running when she was seven years old. Like many other athletes who run, Abrego started out playing soccer and basketball before getting into running.

“My soccer friends recommended running to my family, and my brother and I decided to try it out. Running gave me more confidence as a child,” Abrego said.

Abrego realized she had found something that she could excel in, which encouraged her to step outside of her comfort zone more often.

As a child, running kept Abrego disciplined and hardworking in every aspect of her life and also gave her something to look forward to after school.

Admittedly, when Abrego first started running, her only motivation was to compete against and beat her twin brother.

“I was only really running to be better than him,” Abrego said.  

She only started developing an actual passion for the sport when she was about ten years old.

“I realized how much running had meant to me and how it had helped develop who I was becoming. When I turned 10, I was also starting to see some results from my training,” Abrego said.

That year, Abrego became the Cross Country national champion for her age group. From then on, her goals were to continue improving. She wanted to push her limits to see how far she could go.

Abrego first started running for a local track team, the Chatsworth Chiefs. She ran with them for seven years until she was admitted into Granada Hills Charter High School for the 2018-2019 school year.

To Abrego, the most important moments in her running career are the learning experiences.

“Nobody likes bad races but we learn from those the most and they ultimately turn us into better runners,” Abrego said.

Abrego gives credit to her family and friends for where she is today in her career.  Because of their support, she has been able to accomplish so many things at such a young age. Abrego could not have gotten where she is today without her brother, who constantly encourages her to keep improving and never give up.

“My motivation would probably be the satisfaction of improving and knowing I am making my family proud. I also run for those who can’t in my family,” Abrego said.

Abrego wants to continue running in college. From there, she will see where she goes. However, she plans to take this one day at a time, because many things can happen within four years.

Currently, in the 800m (half mile), Abrego runs a 2:16. In the 3200m (two miles) she runs a 10:35. In the 1600m (one mile), Abrego currently holds the fastest freshman time nationwide of 4:51. 0-1

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