Why Hannah B. messed up her only chance at love with one of the most attractive men on Earth


By: Ally Najera

In case you were not keeping up with reality television, you might have missed, in the words of Chris Harrison, “the most shocking ending in ‘Bachelor’ history.”  This season of “The Bachelorette,” featuring Hannah Brown, did not disappoint with higher levels of drama than ever. It was a highly anticipated season, one that ultimately left audiences shocked.  

Hannah B., the “Alabama Hannah,” was quite different from other Bachelorettes because of her bold and stubborn character.

From a toxic connection with narcissistic Luke Parker to her windmill rendezvous with Peter Weber, Hannah B. engaged in a number of whirlwind romances along her journey to finding love. Initially, Jed Wyatt, with his good looks and guitar charm, was a fan favorite.  However, as the season progressed, many became smitten with Tyler Cameron, who had the appearance of a heartbreaker but whose loyalty was prominent.  

Although there were many fan favorites this season, audiences loved to hate Luke P. because of his unfriendliness in comparison to his counterparts, earning him the nickname, The 5’8” Villain.  It was no wonder that his shower epiphany about God was summarily discredited.

When it came time for the hometowns, where the final candidates bring the bachelorette home to meet their parents, viewers really got to know the men behind-the-scenes.  As a result, many viewers were thoroughly in love with not only Tyler but his whole family. It became abundantly clear why he was such a gentleman, where his charisma came from, and according to Hannah B., “what made Tyler, Tyler.”  Meeting Tyler’s family, gave clarity regarding who was the right fit for the Bachelorette herself. Although, Pilot Peter had a wonderful family, audiences did not seem as in love with him as they were Tyler.

As the show began to wrap up, tensions rose and people were sent home.  The moment Hannah B. dismissed Luke P. viewers were over the moon ecstatic to see him disappear.  In a shocking turn of events, however, he returned. Nonetheless, Hannah B. stood her ground after a 15 minute period in which Luke P. tried to negotiate his way into a relationship. Thankfully, she finally gave him the boot.  Even though viewers thought she was being “smart” about sending him off, it did take her the entire season to get rid of him.

Finally, being able to choose between Tyler and Jed, she made one of the most thoughtless decisions of her life.  She chose the guy who carried a guitar everywhere he went and wrote dog jingles for a living, Jed Wyatt. As it turned out, however, he wasn’t her “Mr. Right.”  Inevitably, he was the wrong choice and completely lied to her, as anticipated by viewers. Her happily ever after with Jed T. abruptly came to an end when Jed was found to have had a secret girlfriend and to have come on the show in search of fame in order to further his music career.  

Meanwhile, Hanna B. dismissed Tyler, still attractive as ever.  After this crucial, heartbreaking season and an awkward tell-all, Hannah B. second-choiced Tyler, offering to go out with him.  And while Bachelor fanatics did want her to end up with him, no one deserves to be the second best choice, especially not Tyler.

With Hannah B. being the only Bachelorette in Bachelor history to end the show without a partner, there is still more to be seen of her.  In fact, the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars” will feature her as one of the dancers. As for her love life, as far as fans know, no one will be going out with Hanna B. anytime soon, nor getting a rose.

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