New rule introduced at John Elway Stadium

By Dveen Hagopian

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) has recently implemented a new rule which prohibits students from carrying certain types of bags into John Elway Stadium.
Bags that are not transparent are not allowed, unless they are 4.5” x 6.5” or smaller. Any bags larger than this size must be clear and cannot exceed 12” x 6” x 12.” Students may also bring a clear 1 gallon storage bag.

The rule also bans all backpacks, briefcases, cinch bags, camera/computer bags, fanny packs, and any other form of luggage. Coolers and speakers are not allowed either.
While the student body is generally unhappy about the new rule, administration ensures that it has been done “in an effort to improve safety measures for all fans.”

“There wasn’t a specific incident or problem that led to this rule, but we just wanted to ensure the safest possible environment for our Granada students, parents, and staff, which this rule will help us maintain,” athletics director Cristina Garcia said.
Despite the fact that the rule has come with good intentions, there is still a large portion of the student body who find it unnecessary and inconvenient.

“Many students don’t have a place to put their backpack after school. My parents work and are unable to pick me up directly after school, so I can’t drop my backpack off at my house. I also can’t leave it in my locker because the school campus closes before the game ends, so I would be unable to get to it after the game. This poses as a real dilemma for me and for many of my friends,” junior Nafina Raha said.

Some students also find the rule to be pointless. Junior Sarah Daks says that she just doesn’t see why the rule was made in the first place. She has been going to GHC football games for three years now, and has never seen or even heard of an issue regarding backpacks, so the sudden emergence of this rule took her by surprise.

With that said, there still are some students who don’t mind the new rule at Elway Stadium.

“Even though the rule does make it more difficult to go to the Granada football games, I understand that the school is just trying to keep people safe and has our best interests in mind, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. We can all still enjoy the football games the same way we did before,” junior Daniel Parada said.

If students disregard by these guidelines they will not be allowed to enter the stadium. Next time you attend a GHC football game, remember to bring an acceptable bag.

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