Paul McEvoy: Large Sauce entrepreneur

“Hypebeast” is a popular slang term used to describe people, usually men, that stay on-trend with what is popular in America. This often entails spending hundreds of dollars on simply designed articles of clothing. The campus is littered with Supreme shirts, Off-White belts, and A Bathing Ape (BAPE) hoodies, for instance. Lately, students have also been wearing black and white t-shirts with designs containing the phrase “Large Sauce” on them. 

Large Sauce is an up-and-coming brand created by senior Paul McEvoy. McEvoy conceptualized Large Sauce when he was a sophomore. 

“It was in my French class. My brother was talking about how brands like Supreme and other hypebeast brands sell shirts for so much and I started thinking it’d be cool if I did that too but made them affordable,” McEvoy said. 

From there, the idea blossomed into reality. Attempting to make quality shirts at an affordable price, McEvoy delved into the world of screen printing and attempted to learn the process in order to get his brand started, using well-known hypebeast brands as anti-inspiration. Of course, for there to be a brand there must be a name attached to it. McEvoy came up with the name Large Sauce, because it was his Instagram user name at the time. From there, he created a SoundCloud account as a platform to share a song he had created with his close friends under the same name. Since Large Sauce seemed to stick with him, he decided to make it the name of his brand. 

Once he had become acquainted with how to screen print shirts, McEvoy worked with his friend Bobby Arnold, a student at Cleveland High School, to come up with different designs. 

“We pretty much just brainstorm ideas and he [Arnold] draws them and we pick and choose what we think is cool, what we think other people would think is cool, and just what would look good on a shirt,” McEvoy said. 

The first design they created was of a jar with Large Sauce on the label. McEvoy started to sell shirts with this design to friends for 5 dollars each, and then created a website to have a wider range of customers. Gradually, he began to create more designs and increased the price to 8 dollars as the demand for them increased. 

McEvoy is currently focusing more on exposure. Since he has worked in tandem with Arnold, Large Sauce is not only known at Granada Hills Charter (GHC) but at Cleveland and CHAMPS (Charter High School of the Arts) as well. He has created an Instagram and Youtube channel for Large Sauce and creates content to reach a wider audience. On his Instagram, pictures of work he has done for other individuals can be seen, such as shirts he made for brands like Hoodwill and bands such as the Mexican Slum Rats. Creating shirts for bands and for others like him has allowed McEvoy to gain more traction and get more people talking about his brand. 

On his Youtube channel, Large Sauce TV, McEvoy and his friends have created eye-catching videos that promote the brand. One series in particular, “Will it Screen Print?” consists of McEvoy testing out whether he can successfully screen print the Large Sauce brand on a T-shirt utilizing different substances. These substances include marinara sauce, Marmite, and mayonnaise. 

Along with social media exposure, Large Sauce has also spread due to the events McEvoy attends in which he sells his merchandise, such as Vice Fest. 

“It started out as signing up or just like telling people if they have an event going on to let me be a part of it but now they kind of reach out to me which is cooler,” said McEvoy. 

The future of Large Sauce seems to be very bright. Starting off with just a single design, the brand now has a wide variety of shirts to choose from, both long and short sleeved, as well as hoodies. Formerly, they were limited to only screen printing, but recently McEvoy has announced on the Large Sauce Instagram account that they now have a heat press, meaning that they can incorporate full color images into future designs as well as personally chosen images that customers would like to put on a shirt. 

According to McEvoy, the main goal is to continue creating shirts for others as well as expanding Large Sauce’s  own personal designs and stock. 

“More recently we’ve been getting more sales on our website, We feel like we’re going up and are just going to keep doing everything we can to sell shirts,” McEvoy said. 98AFC9A9-F478-423E-B604-C4E83323B971

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