Maluma continually gives fans content even during a pandemic


By Ally Najera

For the past few months, sitting at home and finding something remotely entertaining has been a struggle. Although we have had extra downtime to binge-watch shows, pick up a book, or listen to some music, these activities have gotten rather boring really quickly.  Thankfully, with social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, we have been able to stay connected with others with just a click of a thumb. 

Many celebrities have taken advantage of these platforms to release new content to their fans during quarantine.  Maluma, a Latino Reggaeton singer is no exception. He has continuously been posting new and exciting content for all of his fans. Known for his humble and appreciative nature, Maluma has used his platform on Instagram to continually connect with his fans and other influencers. 

In early May, a few months into quarantine, Maluma worked with Architectural Digest to give his fans a tour of his “Massive Mansion” in Medellin, Columbia.  Having previously only seen mere clips of his house through a series of Instagram posts, fans were excited to be invited in. His consistent engagement with his followers was directly visible through his high spirits throughout the video tour.  With the intimate look into his home, viewers were able to see his interesting interior design as well as the special area where he drinks his homemade coffee.  

“The connection that I have with my fans is really special, and every time, when I have moments, when I have free time, the only thing that I think about is what I’m going to post, what I’m going to say to my fans.” Maluma said to People En Español. 

Much to his biggest fans approval, Maluma has even been able to put out new music during the quarantine. One of the most appealing songs he has released to his fans was his latest love ballad, “ADMV” which is an acronym that means “Amor De Mi Vida” (translating to ‘Love of My Life’). Contrary to many of his other fast-paced songs, this is a slow-paced, love song that feels hopeful and romantic. He also delivered two music video versions of the song that tied the meaning behind it all together.  One version was titled as the youngster, “urban” version which featured him as a young man with a love interest.  The other included him as a much older, aged man with the same love interest.  

After releasing the song and videos, he challenged his fans to submit a video cover of his song to Instagram using the #ADMVChallenge.  

“I am a fan of my fans, thank you for something this special!” Maluma posted on Instagram.

If you want to see more from Maluma, he will be participating in the YouTube Livestream #Graduatewithme on June 6, so make sure to tune in to see him perform live with other artists. 


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