Moises Sabido Garcia: The winner of many scholarships

By Alina Issakhanian

GHC’s Model United Nations (MUN) captain senior Moises Sabido Garcia was recently awarded a scholarship from the Granada Hills Rotary.  A total of four seniors including Sabido Garcia, Megha Jain, Sarah Tran, and Rachel Park were awarded this scholarship, which is provided to advance high school students’ collegiate careers and give them the opportunity to be an SCS Noonan Scholar, which is a prestigious college access program.

Sabido Garcia has also recently won a scholarship from Carson Scholars Fund for the third year in a row. This scholarship is awarded to those who excel academically and are dedicated to serving their communities.

Sabido Garcia is no stranger to winning scholarships, the first scholarship he was awarded was the PTSA Reflections award for photography in his sophomore year.

Sabido Garcia credits much of his success in winning so many scholarships to reading and applying for the scholarships listed in the College Office’s weekly newsletter. 

Every single scholarship and opportunity that I have won, I found in the scholarship list. That’s why I always tell people that the worst thing they can do is not read the newsletter and even worse not apply to the scholarships out of fear. Scholarship committees can see us in a different light than we can. Sometimes and that’s why it is always worth it to apply to scholarships even if you don’t think you’ll get it,” Sabido Garcia said.

Sabido Garcia also credits MUN as “integral” to getting him a lot of these opportunities and connections. 

Next fall Sabido Garcia will be attending Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts to study mechanical engineering. While Olin College has covered his full tuition and housing, he will be using all of his scholarships to pay for the remaining expenses. In total he was awarded over $3.1 million in grants and scholarships from the 13 colleges he was accepted to. 

Once again, I think it is super important that people do not feel discouraged to apply to scholarships or schools that seem like a long shot because sometimes you simply cannot realize your greatness,” Sabido Garcia said. 

GHC’s College and Career office offers information about scholarships in every newsletter. This letter is emailed to all students and is also posted on the GHC website. Scholarships can create amazing opportunities and even pay for your college as it did for Sabido Garcia. 

“I also hope that if people have any questions about college, scholarships, and/or opportunities, they reach out to me as I’d love to give back to people through something that I know I can help with,” said Sabido Garcia.

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