Trump vs. Biden: How the two compare on key issues

By Olivia Espinoza

You would think that after the almost four years we have had Donald Trump in office, the citizens of the United States would collectively agree that re-electing him shouldn’t be an option. After calling neo-nazis, “very fine men,” he shouldn’t be an option. After putting people in cages at the border, he shouldn’t be an option. After praising a teenager with an assault rifle at a Black Lives Matter protest, he shouldn’t be an option. After doing everything in his power to limit women’s rights to control their own bodies he shouldn’t be an option. After keeping the possibility of a pandemic hidden from the public, he shouldn’t be an option. 

However, if this year has taught us something, anything can happen. 


Our President’s blatant carelessness over the last few years has become even more of a common occurrence in 2020. Earlier this month, Bob Woodward broke the news that Trump dismissed the Coronavirus threat in February, causing thousands of deaths. If we allow him to stay in power, masks will never be mandated, causing our battle against the Coronavirus to be prolonged. He even advised his people to “slow the testing down” in order to count less cases, according to CNN. 

Joe Biden, alongside Kamala Harris, is running against Trump in the 2020 election. They are the hope we need this year in order to bring some form of normalcy back to America. Even though they aren’t many people’s first options, settling is something we’ve had to do this entire year. If elected, Biden plans to take steps towards helping businesses and schools reopen by giving financial support for rehiring workers, and ensuring paid leave for those who have contracted or are taking care of someone who has contracted Covid. Also, Biden plans to mandate that everyone in the United States wear a mask. Trump has no such plans.


The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement ignited this summer after the death of George Floyd.  Instead of addressing the systemic racism and police brutality that plagues America during the protests, our president reacted by threatening further violence through the National Guard. He even went as far as to praise a white teenager who pointed an assault rifle at protestors. Although Trump signed an order that bans the use of choke-holds, it still isn’t enough. If Trump is re-elected, the Black community will continue to be denied justice for the violence and discrimination they face from the police.

While some call for defunding of the police as a solution, Biden’s administration is unsupportive of the idea. In response to the racial injustices that plague African Americans, Biden plans to pass reforms that would require all potential officers to work with social workers and learn how to behave towards the public. He suggests adding more support rather than taking away funding. He will also push spending on social programs that would be seperate from police budgets.


In 2017, Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. Just two years later, scientists warned the world that our inability to deal with climate change within 12 years would lead to an irreversible crisis. A president who doesn’t believe climate change is a priority, let alone real, after such news does not deserve a position in office. The next four years should be used to reverse the toxins we put into the planet, not leaving the task for later years. 

Biden proposes a $2 trillion clean energy plan that will be executed over 4 years, according to the NY Times.  The Biden-Harris administration’s dedication to solving the climate crisis proves that voting for them will help improve the planet before it’s too late unlike the current administration. 


Trump has second-term plans to defund Planned Parenthood in efforts to eliminate abortion resources, according to CNN. This will not only limit women’s rights to their own bodies, but also strip resources such as free cancer screenings and birth control. Contrary to pro-life supporters’ beliefs, banning abortions will not stop women from getting abortions, but rather force them to get them in unsafe ways, raising the risk of death.

 When Biden was Vice President, the Obama-Biden administration fought for the funding of Planned Parenthood. Biden plans to restore the funding, which is a part of his Agenda for Women proposal, according to the Washington Post. 


Building the wall on the border between the United States and Mexico was a major part of Trump’s 2016 campaign. In his term, Trump separated families and put illegal immigrants in cages at the border, which were reported to be unsanitary and over-populated. These detention centers have been viewed by some as concentration camps due to their inhumane treatment of immigrants. Footage has been leaked of them banging on the cages begging the security for food and water, according to the NY Times. Trump has proposed that the construction of the wall will be complete in his second-term. The inhumane and dehumanizing treatment of immigrants will continue if the election results are in favor of Trump. 

The Biden-Harris administration has shown support for a pathway for immigrants to gain citizenship. Biden has expressed that immigrants with no criminal records should not be the focus of deportation, according to CBS News. However, he is not in favor of decriminilizing illegal immigration. 

If Trump is re-elected our civil rights and planet will be in jeopardy. Please make sure you are registered or pre-registered to vote if eligible.

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