TV episodes to get you in the mood for Fall

As we desperately check the weather forecast each day hoping to see a cooling trend in the temperature, the Plaid Press staff is focused on Fall. Halloween and Thanksgiving, pumpkin spice and baking, changing leaves and pumpkin patches, we’re here for all of it. And while we pine away for our favorite season, procrastinating on that latest homework assignment, here are our favorite fall tv episodes that we’re streaming to get us into the fall spirit.

Friends: “The One with the Football,” Season 3, Episode 9

In this episode, the gang plays a game of football while they wait for Monica’s Thanksgiving turkey to cook. Monica and Ross play out their childhood sibling rivalry in the midst of piles of fall leaves and crisp weather. This episode gives all the fall feels and makes us want to curl up with a bowl of mashed potatoes under a throw blanket.

Gilmore Girls: “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving,” Season 3, Episode 9 

After Emily ropes the Gilmore girls into going to Thanksgiving dinner at her house, Lorelei and Rory are forced to figure out how to manage their chaotic holiday schedule. Unable to cancel on any of their friends, they attempt to eat four different Thanksgiving meals with four different groups of people. Flowers and tums at the ready, the Gilmore girls prepare for one long day of eating.

Stranger Things: “Chapter 2: Trick or Treat Freak,” Season 2, Episodes 2

There are pumpkins everywhere in Hawkins, Indiana; it’s just too bad they’re suspiciously rotting. Eleven wants to be a normal girl and go trick or treating, though Hopper wants her to continue hiding. The whole aesthetic of a small town experiencing the seasons we don’t have, even with the creepiness of death and aliens, makes us excited for Fall.

Big Time Rush: “Big Time Halloween,” Season 2, Episode 5

The Diamond family throws a Halloween party at the Palm Woods while all the characters take shape into different Halloween themed beings. To prepare for the concert the boys are hosting the night of Halloween, Gustavo and Kelly, evil scientists of Rock Records, attempt to make the boys “normal” again. All of this happens while Kendall tries to hide the fact that he’s a werewolf from Joe.

Parks and Recreation: “Halloween Surprise,” Season 5, Episode 5

In this episode, it’s Halloween in Pawnee, Indiana. Ron and Andy take Diane’s daughters trick-or-treating, while Chris hosts a horror movie screening for the rest of the department. This episode is filled with both the laughs and heart that “Parks and Recreation” is known for, while also having the fall spirit.

New Girl: “Halloween,” Season 2, Episode 6

The gang dresses up for Halloween and goes to the Haunted House Jess works at. She invites Sam, her “non-boyfriend,” to the haunted house and becomes scared of wanting more than just friends with benefits. Nick invites someone he had a crush on in college and grows fearful of her affection. Cece gets annoyed with Schidmt’s usual antics of trying to win her back, this time by wearing a costume that matches hers, while Winston and Shelby’s outfits are polar opposites. 

Gossip Girl: “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!” Season 1, Episode 9

Dan invites Serena and her family to Thanksgiving instead of having them eat alone at The Palace. Blair gets emotional when her father doesn’t come home. It’s an uncomfortable Thanksgiving for all the gang, but their fall weather, high fashion clothes make it worth it for the rest of us!

Jane the Virgin: “Chapter Twenty-Eight,” Season 2, Episode 8 

The Villanueva family celebrates their first Thanksgiving with baby Mateo. Jane contends with the fact that Mateo will inherit millions from the Solano side of the family as she starts graduate school to pursue her writing career. Meanwhile, Michael goes rogue and embarks on a mission to catch notorious drug kingpin, Sin Rostro. 

The Office: “Costume Contest,” Season 7, Episode 8

When the party planning committee hosts a costume contest at the office Halloween party, everyone scrambles to come up with the ultimate Halloween costume and win the big prize. In the midst of this, Michael tries to get even with Darryl after he pitches an idea to corporate, and Pam tries to confront Danny about their past relationship. This episode is a great way to get hyped for Halloween and excites us for all the crazy costumes we’ll get to see.

Family Guy: “Lethal Weapons,” Season 3, Episode 7

In this episode, Quahog is disturbed by lots of visitors, called “Leafers” coming in to view the changing leaves on the East Coast. It’s a hilarious episode, but also shows the really pretty changing leaves that remind us of fall.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: “The Ghost in Suite 613,” Season 1, Episode 19 

The twins investigate the rumor of a ghost living in Suite 613 of the Tipton Hotel. Accompanied by Maddie, London, Arwin, and Esteban, they aim to spend the night in the room. A major highlight of this episode is Estaban leading a seance and getting put on hold after “calling” the ghost. This episode is a spooky fan-favorite.

The Big Bang Theory: “The Thanksgiving Decoupling,” Season 7, Episode 9

In this episode, the group eats a Thanksgiving feast at Mrs. Wolowitz’s house. The fun evening goes astray when Penny’s secrets are revealed, but Sheldon’s drunk hilarity saves the evening from becoming a complete disaster for everyone but Howard. 

Boy Meets World: “Turkey Day,” Season 4, Episode 10 

In this episode, the Matthews family decides to go to the Hunters’ trailer park for Thanksgiving. After a few conflicts with the members of the trailer park, the Matthews decide it’s not their place until they see the kids enjoying a meal together, being thankful for the simple things, and ignoring the difference in the social classes between the two families. 

Looking For Alaska: “The Nourishment is Palatable,” Season 1, Episode 4 

Despite the Colonel and Takumi’s warnings, Miles spends Thanksgiving at Culver Creek with Alaska, hoping that some alone time may help his chances of winning her over. However, after what seemed like an amazing dinner at the Colonel’s house that was supposed to bring them together, Miles, Alaska, and the Colonel leave in disarray, more divided than ever. 

Reba: “Invasion,” Season 5, Episode 9

Barbra Jean goes to her brother’s house for Thanksgiving, but later her brother ends up at Reba’s house to have dinner there because Barbara Jean wrote letters to her brother pretending to be Reba. Eventually, her brother started to develop feelings for Reba.

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