Women’s fashion is unfair

Photo courtesy of Becca McChaffie via Unsplash

By Lily Angel

With women’s fashion nowadays, we have to go the extra mile to find clothes that are both chic and also decent. The clothing options are either overly revealing or baggy and unflattering.

Many of us are required to abide by a dress code for school, or to dress professionally at a job. However, often the only option available in stores are skin tight pants and crop tops. When all that stores sell is inappropriate for school or work, it makes it harder for women to find decent clothes. 

You expect to find more revealing clothes at a store like Forever 21, but even more expensive stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom tend to focus their fashion on more revealing clothing. Even when they do offer less revealing clothing, it comes with a higher price tag.

Most high school girls are shopping at stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 because of their lower price tags, however. On Forever 21’s website, 56 percent of the tops they offer are cropped, and would not be wearable on campus. Sixty six percent of Charlotte Russe’ tops are cropped. Even walking through the aisle of Target, you’ll find that most shirts in the young adult section are inappropriate for a dress code or professional atmosphere.

Staying away from the women’s section is not much help. If a girl wishes to wear a graphic t-shirt, for example, then she will most likely will end up with a baggy unisex shirt that is unflattering.

Even if the dress code allowed crop tops, bralettes, and short shorts, not everyone feels comfortable in this attire. Although the high waisted jeans are a step in the right direction from the super low-rise jeans of not that long ago, the fashion industry needs to come to its senses and offer more regular shirts for women.