Andrew Tate’s bans set interesting precedent for the future of social media

Photo courtesy of Prateek Katyal, via Unsplash

By Kiara Amaya and Jasmine Kim

Former boxer and controversial influencer Andrew Tate’s presence recently exploded on social media as a result of a history of misogynistic remarks. Tate, 35, had 4.7 million followers on Instagram before being permanently banned by Facebook and Instagram and later followed by YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

On a Twitch stream with Adin Ross, Tate stated that he did not exactly understand why he was forbidden from platforms but believes it is “due process.”

Tate first rose to fame as a contestant on “Big Brother (U.K.)” when he was kicked off the show due to a video that showed him attacking a woman. Eventually, he has become known worldwide for his criticism against women and statements on how men should have authority over women.

Among his controversial statements against women, Tate has said that women “bear responsibility” for being sexually assaulted on Twitter. During this same time, the #MeToo movement brought attention to sexual assault cases and allegations having to do with Harvey Weinstein. 

Prior to being barred, Tate’s videos on Tiktok and Instagram racked up billions of views. But nearly weeks into these bans, video clips of Tate making derogatory comments are still inundating different social media platforms. 

Though content such as Tate’s videos may seem relatively harmless at first, the dangerous system in which algorithms can be manipulated to influence adolescents can be detrimental by encouraging them to develop mysoginistic and homophobic views. 

Though his accounts were banned, companies are continuously struggling to remove the videos of Tate speaking his hateful ideologies. 

“Tate’s ability to manipulate the narrative skewed his own sense of self-worth as much as he skewed the minds of those who listened to him,” senior William Parnell said.

Andrew Tate has a controversial persona. The banning of Andrew Tate on various social media platforms has made an opportunity for positive change. By holding influencers like Tate responsible, their impact in society is minimized regardless of their fame and status. 

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper