Photo Essay: Club Rush

By Acaila Eastman and Jane Hanna

The sun was burning all the students’ backs as they rushed around to find clubs to join. The presidents of each club were loudly calling students over, waving eye-catching posters. 

Club rush is an event where GHC students have an extended lunch period in which they can sign up for clubs. Here are some photos taken during the event:

Key Club is one of the biggest clubs on campus. They are a club who provides volunteer opportunities and community services such as making dog toys for shelters, card making, and cleaning up the LA River. Their biggest event is Fall Rally at Six Flags Magic Mountain where they meet Key Club members from other divisions, as well as competing for the Spirit Stick.

The Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) club teaches students about the Middle Eastern community, such as about cultural traditions. They also discuss social difficulties due to racism around the world.

Bee the Hope achieves a buzzing crowd of people who are eager to be a part of a community of students that take time out of their day for community service, volunteering, and other amazing events.

The Black Student Union helps bring awareness and represents black students on campus. They amplify the voices of people of color and spread the awareness of discrimination black Americans face.

The quad was crowded with curious students who were eager to sign up for these fascinating clubs.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper