Photo Essay: Fall Spirit Week

By Danica Rivera

It was homecoming season for Granada Hills Charter (GHC), and with homecoming comes the week full of festivities and clothing themes to lead up to the big game and dance. 

It is typically referred to as “Spirit Week,” purposely encouraging students to engage in school spirit. GHC students weren’t afraid to show off their school spirit, dressing up to the specific themes provided for the week. 

DAY ONE–MIX-MATCH MONDAY: Students wore and combined different clothing items that normally wouldn’t be paired together. This might have been contrasting colors or different patterns.

DAY TWO–PAJAMA DAY: With GHC’s late start morning, students had the opportunity not to bother changing from their usual sleepwear attire. This was the most popular day with the largest number of students participating.

DAY THREE–ICON DAY: Students dressed up as their favorite celebrity or icon. Others wore their favorite icon’s merchandise. Outfits ranged from characters from television shows (Maddie and Cassie from HBO’s Euphoria) to famous musician icons (the Weeknd).

DANCE TEAM: There was a special guest performance from student-led dance group, “Revolutionary Steps (Rev. Steps),” dancing to a mash-up of songs for students to come and watch at the quad during Wednesday’s pep rally.

DAY FOUR–BBQ DAD VS. SOCCER MOM: The student pictured above is dressed as a BBQ dad reading the Plaid Press’ recent newspaper.

DAY FIVE–COLOR WARS: Students wore a certain color assigned to their class. For freshmen it was red, pink for sophomores, blue for juniors, and purple for seniors. 

CLASS SPIRIT: On each day of the week, those who participated in dressing up would go to the quad and their class table for their grade to receive a point.

SCOTTY SPIRIT: GHC’s mascot, Scotty the Scottish terrier, got in on the Homecoming fun and even had the chance to ask someone to the dance!