By Acaila Eastman and Mateo Menjivar

The Homecoming game was a large success, with sold out stands and students eager to showcase their clubs in the parade. There were men and women parachuting from the sky, landing safely on our football field, leading to loud rounds of applause from the stands. The game kicked off soon after, with fog machines, confetti cannons, and a large inflatable tunnel from which our team ran doing flips and tricks to please the audience. And we sure were pleased, especially after GHC took home the win at the end of the night, with a triumphant score of 56-6.

HOMECOMING PARADE: The Homecoming game started off with a parade of clubs and teams on campus, where they conveyed spirit to express their excitement for their group and the game overall.
SCOTTY BLOWS A KISS: Scotty the Mascot was there to show school spirit and get the crowd going.
MARCHING BAND: The marching band prepared to participate in the opening parade. Some of the band played their instruments, but the musicians of larger instruments walked with pride.
“GREEN OUT”: Full of spirit, the crowds in the stands were fired up, cheering throughout the game and the night. The Jungle was especially exceptional, getting the crowd excited and on their feet for our Highlanders, while rocking the color green for the theme, “Green Out!”
DRUMLINE: Our award winning drumline prepared to wow the crowds during important moments of the game.
HIGHLANDER FOOTBALL: The game kicked off immediately with GHC rapidly scoring points and touchdowns which led them to victory by the end of the night. Pumping up students even more for the school dance that was soon to follow.
CHEER CAPTURES THE MOMENT: The varsity cheer team brought their most inspiring cheers to get the audience and team hyped to win the game. Here they are seen working as a team to get a good picture of the enlivened crowd.
DANCE TEAM: During the halftime show the dance team showed that they are filled with excitement and skillful moves that had the crowd up and on their feet.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper