College Office hosts college seminars

By Kiara Amaya

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) offers students the opportunity to learn more about various universities through on-campus visits with college admissions officers. Using the SCOIR website as a medium, students can sign up for visits which take place during the school day and are about the length of a class period. 

With the click of the register button, students can unlock knowledge about universities both popular and lesser known. Representatives from these universities conduct a seminar style presentation about their respective university including information about financial aid, the application process, and programs that the school offers. Representatives are more than willing to answer any questions and provide valuable information to students, and of course come bearing stickers and handouts. 

The college and career office is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to gain education about the next chapter of their academic careers and the multitudes of paths that they may choose to take. 

“The College Office is welcoming nearly 100 colleges this year since the Fall of 2020,” college and career counselor Erin Kim said. “These visits are great opportunities for students to learn about a variety of colleges of which they may not have otherwise heard. It also allows students to speak directly with an admission officer and learn about unique programs offered.”

The opportunity to meet representatives from large universities like Yale and smaller schools such as Willamette helps put students at ease and allows them to gain perspective. 

“Meeting students anywhere is important to put them at ease; we get to see each other as humans which I think makes them less stressed about sounding perfect on paper in their application,” admissions counselor from Willamette University, Alanna Kelly said. “We love when students visit campus and encourage everyone to visit their options before deciding even if it is after they apply. Visiting high schools makes us more accessible and is a good introduction to a school you may never have heard of, which Willamette encounters a bit. Even if students don’t end up applying to the colleges that have visited their high school, it creates a culture of access and options.” 

Additionally, GHC has created a huge network of accessibility for all students from college counselors to a plethora of volunteer opportunities. This teaches students to keep their eyes and ears open to possibilities. 

Admissions counselors typically provide contact information in case a student desires to inquire further. Some universities also offer personal meetings and campus visits with students to inform them about particular programs and majors that their university will offer.  

The search for the perfect college can be intimidating; however, valuable opportunities such as these college visits help students get informed and feel more confident about applications and preparation for college. 

Kelly feels students should be confident in fact because they have much to offer.

“High schools provide such a range of resources, knowledge, wisdom, and support so I saw a lot of equally bright but differently supported students,” Kelly said. “It’s important for me to know this so I can see not just a student’s past, but their potential.”

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper