Hagen’s AP enviro class hosts exhibition

By June Peers

On September 30, science teacher Wendy Hagen’s AP Environmental Science class held a biome exhibition. Each group of students was given a biome to research and had to compare that biome to a national park of their choice.

The class’ biomes included the following: desert, forest, rainforest, grassland, and tundra. With a diverse array of biomes, it felt like you were being transported to many different beautiful environments.

Though at first glance this may seem like just another school project, it was an experience many students now cherish. So much so, that a few students who took Hagen’s course the previous year decided to attend this year’s exhibition.

The classroom was lively with many students testing their knowledge of different biomes and being rewarded with prizes such as stickers and pencils. At the exhibition, attendees could play fun, educational games such as memory games, crossword puzzles, and trivia. 

Students expressed their creativity through this project in many unique ways. Some made informative brochures, while others made videos advertising their biome. One student, in particular, made a slideshow entitled “Mr. Bauer supports the endangered Sierra Nevada red fox,” which is a short story about executive director, Brian Bauer, visiting Yosemite National Park.

“I have heard a lot of stuff about Yosemite before. I didn’t really think it was that cool until I actually started researching it,  ” junior Aidin Callas said.

Overall, students greatly enjoyed this project as they were able to showcase their work to their peers, something that does not happen too often in high school.

“The AP Environmental Science biome exhibition was one of my favorite projects I have ever done in high school. Honestly, it was pretty stressful, but I think that pressure made it even more rewarding when the whole project was done,” junior Aayushi Garg said.