Beaux Cable helps connect immigrants to citizenship

By Randy Mancilla

The path to becoming an American citizen can be a daunting one, especially for immigrants who struggle with the language and the complicated civics tests. However, senior Beaux Cable is determined to make this process a little easier through his International Baccalaureate Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Project. Cable’s father’s journey to citizenship inspired his project titled Connecting Immigrants to Citizenship. For Cable, being a citizen is a powerful thing that can bring newfound confidence and opportunities

Through Cable’s project, he offers support to participants by teaching them English, helping them compose answers, and quizzing them on American civics. 

The citizenship exam is considered very difficult for non-natives learning what they are being asked since English is complex. English can be confusing, and to be an American citizen you have to do the whole exam in English, although there are translations and visuals which can be used in order to help people understand. 

In order for the immigrants to understand the history of America, its presidents, and how our government works, Cable’s project works to help test takers go over everything in the test carefully.

“You feel reassured as a citizen that the government is on your side. You get the relief that your life is fully yours and can’t be taken away by anyone else. Having confidence that you won’t lose what’s yours now that you’re American is beneficial to the psyche and improves one’s life. Being able to vote and have your decision play a part in impacting the nation you live in is also valuable,” Cable said.
Cable knows that many immigrants worry about not being American citizens, fearing they could lose their houses, businesses, or even children if their undocumented status were found out. Many of the immigrants he has worked with in this project expressed a universal fear that something bad would happen were they not to become citizens. 

Cable received the following message after aiding a 54 year old woman named Anne: “Thank you for helping me figure out the application process. It’s really too confusing.”

Becoming a citizen is worth the effort, however, as it helps immigrants gain both a sense of confidence at passing through a strenuous trial and also a sense of calm and protection. A large part of this newfound confidence comes from being granted the right to vote. Cable believes this is by far the most important ability you are given as an American citizen. Cable marvels at the citizen’s power to affect the government and impact the future of the nation through one’s opinion.

Cable believes it to be unjust that people are robbed of opportunities because they aren’t a citizen and he has the desire to help them. He wants to provide others the opportunity to have the best possible life because he has been in unfair situations before and doesn’t wish them upon others. 

“I don’t like when information is deliberately hidden from me. The feeling of ignorance makes me feel as if I don’t belong and it’s a sentiment that I despise. I wish for people to see me as the person I present myself to be, as somebody who is willing to help others,” Cable said. 

Cable takes these feelings and applies them to immigrants, hoping to help them from feeling the same.

“This program is meaningful because everybody should be able to live happily as an American citizen.I believe I am doing a justice in enabling people to vote and granting them the ability to make life changing decisions,” Cable said.

This link can guide you to request a meeting in order to help aid in your citizenship