Granada’s Best Dance Crew offered skilled and spirited performances

By Acaila Eastman and Mateo Menjivar

Waiting for Granada’s Best Dance Crew (GBDC) to start, the audience saw groups of students dressed in matching attire anxiously tapping their feet as they waited for the show to start. We almost felt nervous for them, but their anxious tapping was more than likely just the excitement bubbling inside, telling that entertainment is near. 

Suddenly, a voice comes over the speakers announcing that the show is about to commence. A group of girls came up to the stage and made an entrance with an engaging chant. A beat of silence followed and the music started, leading the girls into a rhythm of quick and eye-catching movements. This was a great introduction to GBDC. 

GBDC is an event in which clubs, teams, and groups of students sign up to perform a choreographed dance in front of their peers and family, hoping to win the title of Granada’s Best Dance Crew. It is held every year in Highlander Hall, though this year, given a lack of team-sign ups, the event was held in the large gym. Despite the team line up being smaller than previous years, the crowd and participants showed up with more than enough hype to keep up the energy.

The event saw an introduction to each team including the Rev-Steps, The Filipino Club, Sassy Men (Basketball), and ASBaddiez (ASB). Then the varsity dance team performed a number. After the dance team’s performance each crew danced to win. The audience was also given an opportunity to show off their own dance skills being called down to dance the Cupid Shuffle. Then the winners were announced. ASB took first place in the Judge’s Choice Award and Sassy Men took first in the People’s Choice Award.

Dance Crew alumni Anoukka Nana and Jenny Beristain, along with the dance coach herself were the judges for the night. They did a great job at keeping the peace and encouraging the teams after their performance. 

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper